Thursday, 12 January 2012

A random collection of things I love and love doing

Hope everyone is well?
Welcome and Thank You to all new followers it's a pleasure to meet you here...
Already seen Snow Drops and Daffs. The weather here in West Sussex has been so mild. Yesterday was like a spring day just wonderful!!
Have a great weekend everyone
Bright blessings
Julie xxxx
Bright Blessings


Kath said...

I spy some Glaston pics there! We spun the prayer wheels on Christmas morning.
My favourite pic was the "cat-in-the-hat" :-D

Anonymous said...

Wonderful pictures !!! The gypsy wagon is something I would really like to have. It is my dream ; )

Fading Grace said...

I love this post...the gypsy caravan is just beautiful and as for cat in the hat....awwww bless x
Sophie xx

P.s love the wool. The chalice well is one of my favourite places x

laoi gaul~williams said...

lovely pictures :)

a kelly kettle *sigh* i will get one this year!!!

Fran said...

A wonderful collection of pics - the cat in te cat also gets my vote closely followed by the caravan interior xxx

Trish said...

Quite wonderful...I like everything you like I

jill said...

Lovely pictures,I love the gypsy caravan would love to travel in one, very romantic.I fell in love with the Chalice well when we visited last year its a beautiful place.Love Jill xx

Pussycats and Angels said...

Thank you ladies for your kind words they mean alot to me.
I think Mowzie has proved quite popular in his hat :)
There is something quite romantic about Gypsy caravans but their lives were tough....
Thank you all again
Bright Blessings
Julie xxx

joanne May said...

Hi Julie,
I very much like the things that you love. We have a lot in common!;-)
Gorgeous photos and when I used to live in Bath, I visited Glastonbury a lot. It's truly a magical place!
The Indian shop was my favourite shop in the high street with it's vibrant fabrics.
I'm in love with your cat. What breed is it? Looks like a Siamese.
It's face is beautiful and may I say almost human like. The hat looks good! ;-D
Great to catch up with you. Have a lovely weekend.
Best wishes,
Jo. x

P.S. If you like, do feel free to visit Zigsa's facebook page and share the photo on his wall of your fabulous cat in a hat! ;-)

ruthie said...

Oh my, what a wonderful collection of things. I can see we have many in common! I have it on my wish list for this year to visit Glastonbury, and it is my dream to sleep in a gypsy caravan. Happy sighs. Sending (belated) Happy New year wishes to you x

Carol Anne said...

It's wonderful to visit your blog again, Julie, and what a fabulous post with lots of delicious images. Wishing you a magical 2012, dear one. xx

PS Ooh, and thank you for leaving a comment on my blog. It's always lovely to hear from you.

Tammie Lee said...

your favorite things are a delight to see! you have flowers and we have snowflakes..... lovely day to you.