Saturday, 25 April 2009

Mowzie Soaking up the Rays

Thought you may like to see Our Garden

It may be a small garden but we try and utilize all the space.
These photographs were taken just over a week ago and since then the garden has become even greener.

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Feel Free To Walk With Us!

Thought you may like to come for a walk with Onyx and myself. It takes us about an hour, unless we meet friends or stop to watch the wonderful wildlife we have here.

Here's our first friend. It's amazing what people will do to keep their grey ponies clean (it's also to keep him free of flies as well). He doesn't seem to mind though!

The local post box.

This is the beautiful little Church that sits at the end of our lane.
I come here quite often to sit quietly. It's a great place for reflection.

Another friend, he is one of the most beautiful Tabby Cats I've seen. He is almost like a Bengal Tiger, though the picture really doesn't do him any justice.

Now we make our way down the footpath (well it's also a cycle path). The weather is warm and the birdsong is such a joy to hear. I feel so relaxed, all I'm thinking about at this moment is how lucky I am to live so close to nature.

There are so many beautiful butterflies around, but they are far to quick to get a good photograph.
This is the only one that would stay still for long enough.

Onyx is always on the look out for furry things that run fast, so I have to keep her on the lead. We have protected Hares here and SHE doesn't know that.

Well, were on our way back now as Onyx is tried (also she's not too keen on her photo being taken), she's about 12. Although we don't really know that for sure(the vet reckons that's her rough age) as she is a rescue dog. We got her from a lovely lady who found her whilst on a camping holiday in Avebury, Wiltshire. She claimed her after a week and brought her back to Sussex, and then she came to live with us.

Had to show you these, I couldn't resist. Forget-me-knots are such delicate flowers with a big personality. I love the pastel colours of blossom too!

Home now!
Thanks for the company.
Perhaps you'd like to walk with us again soon.

Friday, 10 April 2009

Tales from Sussex

Well first of all I would like to apologise for the lack of posts. It has been quite a hectic month, not only with work, but family illness, a funeral, a birth and I also had to have our little rat Leyland put to sleep. I've tried to keep up with every one's blogs and left comments,I just haven't managed to write any posts. I really do appreciate everyone who has joined my list of followers.
Well I do hope everyone had a lovely Easter? I must admit I worked most of it but still managed to bake an Easter cake and take in some chocolate. My hubby and I did spend a couple of hours Monday evening together and ended up at Chichester harbour and walking for 4 miles, it was such a lovely evening I didn't want it to end.

I spent yesterday afternoon with my daughter which was a real treat, as she is normally with her boyfriend or doing coursework. So we decided to take in some fresh air and went to Slindon woods which is about a five minute drive from us.
The one that got away. We were amazed how this lonely berry had survived.

I just love bluebells and the smell was amazing.
We then decided to travel onto Petworth and came across these wonderful beasts. The cows were in the field opposite to the bull and there was lots of flirting going on.

We then went onto Burton Mill Pond, which is located in a place called Fittleworth, great for bird watching.

We had a wonderful afternoon together, something I will treasure. My daughter and I are the very best of friends and these precious moments are becoming less frequent, as she makes her own journey in life.......