Monday, 30 July 2012

Long time no see!

It seems ages since I last posted here! well it's exactly five months. Now where did that time go. I have so much catching up to do on everyones blogs! The last five months has brought much happiness, but also much sadness. Daughter is preparing for Uni..exciting stuff. Her and her Dad are now qualified divers. I would love to learn too but have a fear of sharks, which stops me getting into deep water. Maybe one day I will get over my phobia.. Daughter celebrated her 21st Birthday and I now have only two years before my fiftieth.. She also came away from her Countryside Manangement Course with a Distinction, so we are very proud parents indeed... A few weeks back I went to a fantastic Hosta garden in Hampshire and wow what a garden. Hosta's are one of my favorite plants of which I have many myself.. I finally got my chickens, three Light Sussex and I am loving every minute of keeping them, they never fail to entertain... On a sad note I lost my favorite Uncle, which came as a big shock and then I lost my lovely lady that I cared for as part of a team. Although she was 87 nearly it was very upsetting, but also a relief for her family. Well I hope everyone is enjoying this weather.. hoping to get away for a few days to caravan in Glastonbury and also a few days when we take Daughter to Uni in Falmouth in September.. I will leave you with some photo's of recent times...
The garden at the moment
Meet the girls Jenny, Hazelnut and Flo
> Blessings to you all and Take Care everyone Julie xxxxx

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Proud Parents

Just returned from Cornish Trip. Daughter had interview at Falmouth Uni for Marine and Natural History Photography BA(Hons)course and I am so excited to say she has been offered a place starting in Sept. We are so proud of her. This is going to be a big change for her and us as it's the first time for her to leave home! She can't wait, this is the beginning of a new journey for her....

Photo's taken at the Plymouth Aquarium what a fantastic place and well worth a visit..

I love this photo of Daughter watching one of her favourite fish

A little gem we found Crackington Haven

Hope everyone is well?
Looking forward to the spring although it has felt like she has already arrived...
Be back soon
Julie xx

Friday, 24 February 2012

A Flying Visit to the Lake District

I have been trying to keep up with everyone's blogs but life had hit a bit of a bump in the road. Poor husband was rushed into hospital and had an emergency operation to remove his Gall Bladder (which should have been done a good few years ago). Then lovely Daughter had an interview (Wildlife and Media Degree) at the Uni of Cumbria in Carlisle last week. So we thought we would spend a few days there. First day was mainly spent travelling up there nine hours in all. Husband wasn't allowed to drive so only me driving....
Second day D had interview and a few hours spent in Carlisle. Then onto Bowness on Solway a little time there bird watching and taking in the scenery which was just beautiful although rather cold..
Day three we then travelled back through the Lake District on the journey home, so a brief stop at Hawkshead then Hill Top Farm at Near Sawery, a childhood dream to visit Beatrix Potters home and it didn't disappoint, a charming little house that I could of quite happily lived in. I can understand how inspiring for Beatrix it must have been living there.
Then onto Lake Windermere to catch the car ferry across. I must say I have fallen in love with Lake District as many people do. Daughter has been offered a place which we are all very excited about. She has one more interview at Falmouth next week for Marine and Natural History Photography degree and if she is offered a place there too then will have to decide where she would like to go so fingers crossed.

Hill Top Farm

If you look carefully you can see a few rabbits and as they were in the garden of Hill Top wondered whether one of them was Peter Rabbit :)

Views across Near Sawery

Outlook from pub/tea room next to Hill Top Farm

View from bedroom window looking over farm next door to hotel with the Scottish mountains and wind farm in the distance

Could not leave without taking a photo of the Native sheep Herdwick

Bowness on Solway a haven for sea birds

Views across Lake Bassenthwaite

Will be back soon with photo's of Falmouth etc as we are staying a few days there too. It's one good way of making Husband slow down he is self employed and a workaholic :)
Have a great weekend everyone

Love and Light
Julie xxx

Thursday, 12 January 2012

A random collection of things I love and love doing

Hope everyone is well?
Welcome and Thank You to all new followers it's a pleasure to meet you here...
Already seen Snow Drops and Daffs. The weather here in West Sussex has been so mild. Yesterday was like a spring day just wonderful!!
Have a great weekend everyone
Bright blessings
Julie xxxx
Bright Blessings