Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Well Hi lot sure have's been over a year and a half since I last posted here (I have to admit I'm abit of a facebook addict)....So I'm very thankful I still have you lovely followers.... As you could imagine lots of things have happened since July I will try and condense everything down... Lovely Daughter will be finishing her second year at Uni in June (where did that time go)...She is really progressing in her work and going to Uni sure has helped her in manys ways...although she was diagnosed with Graves disease which has been tough on her....but she is Tauren and her stubbeness helps her through...but I must admit it has been a worrying time for us as the distance between us is cruel...we have a close bond and it hurts not being able to get to her quickly in her time of need...She also lost her best friend Mowzie our Siamese cat last Feb two days after his 17th Birthday...I can honstly say he has left such a massive hole in our lives...but also beautiful memories...anyone that has had a Siamese cat we know what I mean when I say he was a cat,a dog and a human rolled into one..He is missed everyday.... My Dad was diagnosed with Prostrate cancer at the end of 2012..and had to have nine weeks of treatment..which really knocked him for six (he was 80 at the time)...but he is just about recovering from that, but does have a crumbling spine which really does cause him pain...but him too being Tauren he pushes through and still builds motorbikes in his shed....reckon thats what keeps him going and for that I am truly thankful.. I have lost a wonderful Aunty and a wonderful Uncle since I last spoke here and miss them terribly...but life goes on and it makes you appreicate everything that little bit more each day.. We have a beautiful new member of the family.. Oliver...a gorgeous Nephew born in May 2013..he is such a sweet little boy and full of character... Our eldest Nephew was married in 2012..the wedding took place at the Wetlands in is a beautiful I could highly recommend to anyone.... I have only one hen left from the three original girls..But Hazel has three sisters to keep her company...I also rescued a single hen ...which took forever for the others to accept her..but they did (just)..she turned out to be the dearest little hens and we had a great bond...but sadly she passed on Christmas last year...I really do miss her clucking and her funny little ways... Floppy dog is starting to look her age...we have had her 12 years this year and because we rescued her we don't know her exact age but the vet reckons she is prob around 15/16 so not doing to bad ...although she becomes more devious everyday...little minx.... I have been doing care work along with my hairdressing and sewing and have also opened an Etsy have been keeping busy... We have had numerous visits to our caravan at Glastonbury and spent some lovely days in Cornwall...which always helps to recharge the batteries.. As I get older (50 this year)I seem to not be able to deal with this ever increasing cruel world we live in...I try to do the best I can in supporting charties and looking after the animals and wildlife that surround me...but I am definitely saddened and affected by people that do not and I do find this really does affect my daily life and I'm sure there are many of you that feel the same... Well I thought I would just drop by for a quick catch up..I will leave you with a few photos (sorry they are rather jumbled) and I hope you are all well and send you all Bright Blessings... Take care of yourselves and I won't leave it so long next time!!!
Julie xxxxxxxx