Wednesday, 25 November 2009

R I P Gran

My Gran passed away on the 18th November a week before her 101st Birthday.

Dearest Gran, you taught us the most valuable lessons in life. Love, understanding, patience,generosity,laughter and most of all to have a sense of humour.
You truly had a rare gift.
You were my inspiration and my shoulder to cry on. You always knew how to make things better and for that I am eternally grateful.
Remember we may be apart, but we will always be together. But to be born again, we must die.

Friday, 9 October 2009

Faery Arts and Crafts Exhibtion

On Saturday Miss V and I attended The Faery Arts and Crafts at Glastonbury Town Hall. We had a fantastic time, the hall was full of such talented people and famous ones too! We met Brian and Wendy Froud, what friendly and kind folks they are. I must admit I was slightly star the photo I had taken perhaps shows.
Victoria and I then met Josephine Wall, her art is just so magical and Tors was defintly in awe of her work, as so was I..... Josephine is so like her work beautiful and mystical, what a lovely lady.

We also met a lovely young lady called Armorel Hamilton... that creates these fantastic mystical creatures. I was totally blown away by her talents, really the photo's don't do them any justice. Armorel is also an illustrator, she told us that her website is under construction and will soon be up and running. So I will be saving up the pennies, to give one of these amazing works of art a loving home.

The young lady with blond hair in the background is their wonderful creator Armorel.

My very own Faerie

Well just a short post today.
Have a creative and magical weekend everyone.
Peace and Light
Julie xx

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Car Boot find

How lucky was Hubby to find this at our local Car Boot. It is immaculate and a bargain price of £30 pounds. What a lovely surprise after my shift at work, it made working Sunday a little more bearable lol.

Love and light

West Country Wonders

Our Weekend Away in Cornwall and Devon

A good time was had by all in the West country. Victoria was given a red letter day for her 18th, which was a boat trip at Falmouth for two. So we decided to make it a family break. Tors brought her friend along aswell to share in the fun.
We arrived on the Friday afternoon and managed to find a quaint little B&B (sorry forgot to take some pics) called Moonlight Guest House. I was drawn to it by the name and it didn't let us down......wonderful. Falmouth is quite a big town plenty of eating houses etc.....we found a great pub to refresh the soul. Then of course Fish and chips out of the paper on the Quay side what more could you want?

Up and out by 9am, the girls were setting off at 10am.
They had a good two hour trip, but were a little dissappointed at not being able to leave the harbour as the sea was quite choppy. Which mean't they had less of a chance of seeing any dolphins etc, which they didn't. Well that's wildlife! Although they enjoyed the views and the whole boating experience.
Hubby and I spent the two hours looking around the shops and there were certainly plenty of them that kept us entertained.

Downtown Farm Lydford Devon

We found this Farm on the journey from Falmouth. We were running out of time in finding accommodation for the night, having called into various pubs on route advertising rooms, but were all full. I must admit panic was starting to set in at this point as it was getting late. We had a little knowledge of the Lydford area so remembering a pub named The Castle Inn, popped in to check availability but again they were fully booked, they asked if we had tried Downtown Farm replying, no we hadn't, they kindly offered to enquire for us. Success they have rooms "yipee" I replied ( that evening we returned to The Castle Inn and had a wonderful meal to show our appreciation for helping us). I'll leave the pictures to show you what a beautiful place we had discovered. We were made very welcome and the animals were an added bonus. I have to be honset with you I could have stayed there for a very long time. Such a tranquil and magical place. I am really in love with the area, so it's now at the top of my places to retire to list, well it's level with Glastonbury anyway.

Lydford Gorge and Dartmoor

Pixieland at Dartmeet Dartmoor

Check out the Pixie Hat
Worth a visit.

Lulworth Cove and Durdle Door in Dorset

On the journey home we called in to Lulworth Cove on the Dorset Coast. It's a beautiful area, I hadn't been there since the mid 80's. The car park was still the same , but I felt it had changed into a far bigger tourist destination, more shops and eating places, oh and a visiters centre. I think it had taken away some of it's charm and tranquility, but you could say this about alot of places. The locals have to make a living somehow.

If you look closely you can see him and what a wonderful beast he is. We spotted him on the way through Wareham in a densely wooded area. A lovely way to finish a fantastic weekend away.

P.S. I can't take credit for all the photo's Victoria took the one's at Falmouth and Lulworth Cove.

Have a good weekend everyone.
The two of us are off to Glastonbury on Sat to meet Brian Froud and many other fantastic artists at the Avalon Faery Fair and Ball in the Town Hall.
I'm so excited lol.
Love and light


Sunday, 20 September 2009

The Last Four Months

Hi Everyone
It's great to be back blogging again. I'd like to thank all of you who've left comments, they really mean alot to me. I decided to condense the last four months into one post. Mind you it has taken me quite a while on and off downloading all the photo's and my words are limited. I think pictures speak for themselves.
I've been following everyone and leaving comments when I can. As most people know life can be challenging at times with illness, work and upset, but life has to go on and we must make the best of it.
I find comfort in the outdoors and the landscape around us. I love all the seasons, each one has something good to share with us.
It's a rather mixed post, but I hope you all enjoy it. I'll be posting again soon about our recent break to Cornwall and Devon (Falmouth and Dartmoor).

Faeries in the Our Garden at Night

We had a wonderful evening in our garden. The air was so still, with a faint scent of Autumn. Even the faeries were up to mischief. We do so enjoy their visits.

The Boyzie
I couldn't write a post without including the Boyzie and of course the Girlie.

The Girlie

A Beautiful place called Combe Sydenham Country park in Exmoor

Last month Victoria and I took ourselves off for a weekend away (A very welcomed break, as life has been a rather hectic lately). We spent three days travelling around Somerset and Exmoor. Staying at Glastonbury as our base, one of my favourite places on Earth.


A wonderful little fishing port. Along with it selection of good shops, it also has a Steam Railway.

Wimbleball Lake in Exmoor

A popular lake for sailing etc. Great for familes and a fantastic picnic area.
I just loved the willow fisherman.

Our Beloved Glastonbury

The Holy Thorn at Glastonbury
It's a great look-out point, you can see for miles around. The Holy Thorn is located on Wearyall Hill

Chalice Garden

Glastonbury Abbey

Wells Cathedral

Day out at Longleat Safari Park

Well I do hope you enjoyed my post.I'm glad to be back posting again. I do hope you all had a good weekend.
Blessings and peace to you all

Julie xxxxxxx