Saturday, 23 May 2009

Costume and Textile Fair at Petworth House in West Sussex

Well it seems such along time since my last post. My only excuse's are work and chores, pretty boring really. Although Saturday was different we headed out to Petworth for a Costume and Textile Fair and boy did we have a wonderful time. It was held at Petworth House (well in the grounds in fact). It's owned by the National Trust and what a beautiful setting it is, especially with the sun shining.
It's about a 25 mintue drive from our house (Oh by the way Victoria drove as she is learning at the moment, her driving test in looming ever closer), anyway we arrived at 11am just as it opened. The car park is alittle way from the Fair, but hay what a beautiful walk, the pathway lead us through the huge trees and of course the Rhododendrons, which were in full bloom, as were alot of other shrubs and trees.
Ok, so here's the entrance.

Right were in and I was quite surprized how compact it was, but you should never judge a book by it's cover as we soon found out. Now then when it comes to taking photo,s I get a little nervous about asking people for their permission, I think it's a confidence thing or even maybe the fear of rejection if they say no, so my photo's are a bit limited inside the marquees, so I apologize if they are a little bland. Victoria took a few. She is much better at it than I am lol.

This lovely bunch of ladies are from The Wealden Guild of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers and what a lovely group of ladies they were. For along time now I have wanted to learn to spin, but up until now I have been unable to find a local group. They are based about 25 miles away at Horsham, where they meet once a month in their local hall. They are on hand to teach spinning, weaving and any other related crafts. Much encourged by their enthusiasm for me to join..I agreed and I can't wait. But hark I hear you say do you have a wheel.... no I don't, but for a very small fee of £5 a month they will loan you one, until such times that you have mastered the technique, then they will help guide through the process of buying a wheel that is suitable for you...what lovely kind ladies they are.

This lovely lady the one on the left, her name Debbie Siniska, well the other lady is actually her twin sister who was helping out and she was lovely too! Debbie makes the most wonderful Rag Rugs, well not just rugs other fantastic creations aswell. She teaches at West Dean College in Sussex. Another course on my wishlist.

And this lady stitched the most amazing creations, her name is Carey Marvin ( From Let it Fray)unfortunately I didn't get any close ups of her work (sorry).

This stall belonged to a very sweet young lady called Amy Aardvark. I must admit I did fall in love with her work. She hand prints onto organic cotton and mixes it with vintage fabric, beautiful combination. She was very surprised and grateful that I asked if I could take a picture, as she said many people don't, but I feel it is only right to.

Well I'll just leave with a few photo's of the grounds. If you are ever in the area it's well worth a visit, you won't be disappointed.

Well... as you can probably see I didn't make any purchases and I don't know how I resisted. There is a reason why not and that is this weekend is The Vintage and Handmade Fair and I am saving all my pennies for this. I've taken the time off work and I am raring to go. It will take around 2 1/2 to 3 hours to drive there, but I know it is going to be well worth it and I can't wait to meet my fellow bloggers and all there wonderful wares..... OOh Im so excited. If your going I hope I will see you there, if not I will report back soon.

Warm Wishes

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Afternoon in Lewes

About three weeks ago, Paul and I drove to Lewes for the afternoon. It's a place well worth a visit. Can't think of anything better than a town full of flea markets and antique shops. There's plenty of eating houses and a Brewery.

The castle was begun soon after 1066 by William de Warenne as his stronghold in Sussex but not completed until 300 years later with the building of the magnificent Barbican

Bills seems to be the in place to go.

Well if you ever find yourself in Sussex, I would highly recommend a visit.
Have a good weekend everyone.
Warm Wishes

Double Birthday Celebrations

What a wonderful weekend we had in Cornwall. Victoria and I celebrated our Birthdays, on the same day ( I know what you might be thinking, two Taureans in the same household, well actually we are best friends and we understand each other like know body else does - lol). Anyway we based ourselves in Looe in a superb Bed and Breakfast. Oh my, no cooking, cleaning and all the other jobs that make up my usual routine. Bliss, don't get me wrong I'm not complaining, its just nice to have a break from the norm.

Day 1
Our journey to Cornwall lead us to Paighton first, where we dropped off Victoria and her boyfriend for a day at the Zoo. Then hubby and I made our way to Brixham, where we stumbled across a Pirate Festival, what fun (sorry have no photos as my battery went on the camera). The weather was glorious. We walked along the harbour wall watching children crabbing, sail boats coming and going and generally people just enjoying the weather.. It makes me happy to watch folk having fun and enjoying themselves.
You can't go to Cornwall without having Fish and Chips straight from out of the wrapper, so thats what we did. Heavenly.

Day 2

18 TODAY (3rd May 1991) The best Birthday present I have ever had.

Our Birthday arrives. We had a hearty breakfast, then together we opened our cards and presents, such lucky girls.
Victoria and Rico spent the day at The Eden Project.

Hubby and I went to Charlestown a Georgian port which has remained relatively unspoilt and undeveloped, reflecting how many West Country ports and fishing coves looked prior to development. Quaint granite cottages nestle into the countryside, rural farms remain untouched by modern developments and lush green fields almost merge with the sea.

Two hundred years ago, West Polmear as it was then known, was a tiny fishing village with no harbour, only three cottages and the local people made a living from catching pilchards.

Our next port of call Mevagissey

In the evening Victoria/Rico spent a fun time crabbing, then we had a wonderful meal in one of the many restaurants which offered fantastic sea food.

Day 3

Another fantastic breakfast. We decided to use the morning shopping in Looe. Then we travelled back to Brixham again, just couldn't resist those Pirates.

Victoria's Pirate

Arrived home about 8pm, Onyx and Mowzie were pleased to see us. I don't think they felt abandoned, as my friend stayed to look after them. They just wanted to see what pressies we brought them back.

Well I do hope you also had a Happy Bank Holiday Weekend. It's taken me nearly a week to catch up with everything. I just dont know where the time goes.

Warm Wishes to everyone.