Thursday, 7 July 2011

The Past Couple of Months

We managed to grab a few weekends away and a midweek break too.......
The first a visit to the Royal Bath and West show back in June...Daughter..Boyfriend and I had a wonderful day and the weather stayed fine..not as hot as last year though.

Just love steam engines....

Would like to have a go at making a Bender Tent

Birthday Boy

Hubby dipping his feet in the Healing Pool in the Chalice Gardens ..

Old Friends

The Chalice Gardens has a rich array of wildlife..Lots of Butterflies ..Bees..Dragonflies..etc oh of course birds. We spent a beautiful day really did recharge our batteries..

The Willows and Wetlands Vistor centre

A visit to Burrow Mump

You can see Glastonbury Tor in the distance..

And of course Glastonbury Tor

Welcome to all New Followers and Thank You..
Have a great weekend everyone..
Love and light
Julie xxx


Kath said...

Love all the photos and the new look to your Blog!
The romany caravan was lovely, I;m trying to persuade my Husband that we can build a shed to look like one LOL
Lovely photos from the mump, I forgot my camera last time!
When you were up on the Tor looking towards the west, did you notice that big heart in the side of the hill below? I'm not sure what its planted with, but I shall ask around and let you know.
Glad you managed to recharge your batteries x

jill said...

Hi your photos are lovley you must of had a brilliant time,and I agree with Kath I love the new look to your blog.Lots of love Jill xx

Pussycats and Angels said...

Hi Kath
Thanks for your lovely words...WoW I would like a shed like that too..Yes I have seen the heart and would love to know what it is planted with....Burrow Mump is an amazing place isn't it we spent much time there..Glad you like the New look Julie xxx

Hi Jill
Thank you also for your kind words. We did have a wonderful time, the time went so quick though...glad you also like the new look..Julie xxx

Lunar Hine said...

Ah, just tripped across from my blog (thank you for following me)and so pleased I did. The look of your blog; the array of different things you include which all somehow share a tone of heartfulness and vitality; the music... much here that I aspire to and can be inspired by. Thank you.

Pussycats and Angels said...

Hi Lunar Hine and welcome..Thank you for your kind words they mean alot to me.....Glad you like my blog and music taste...
Blessings Julie xxx

Karen said...

Lovely photo's Julie. Wonderful adventures in magical places.Enjoy the rest of the summer. x

Pussycats and Angels said...

Hi Karen
Thanks for your comment:)
I really miss Glastonbury and the surrounding area when we come really has pulled me in.It is SUCH a magical place as you say.
You have a Beautiful Summer too!
Julie xxx

Eliseo Mauas Pinto said...

Greetings kind Julie....thanx for following my blog... what a lovely place you live at!...and that view of The Arthurian Glastonbury!...But as far as Arthur is concerned,Glastonbury and its sites are in a unique and enviable position
Here is some music of the celtic music of my own...guess you will love it....
Tune Pack
Bliss and Blessings to you and your beloved ones ☼

Helen Caladhiel said...

Hi Julie

Beautiful photographs of the animals and Glastonbury, its one of my favourite places to visit!


A Heron's View said...

I recognised most of the places in your photo's especially the Chalice Well pics and of course Burrow Mump, which is very close to the site where King Alfred burnt the cakes (bread).
You have of course raised many memories for me as I lived in Somerset three times in my life. The first time in Burnham on Sea for 2 yrs, other places in between then to Paulton in North Somerset and for 12 yrs Glastonbury - as the song goes 'Yes I remember it well '

I am James. said...

Like those steam traction engines, also we have a siamese and an oriental 'indoor cats' they have so much character, really good blog and thanks for stopping by my blog.

Kiki aka Victoria said...

Wow..what a beautiful blog..I am so in love with all your enchanting photos..incredibly beautiful....and I have so enjoyed visiting your magical realm here! It is lovely to meet a kindred!
Have a sparkling week!

I am James. said...

Looks like you have had some nice days out and about wonderful collection of photos, love the old gypse wagons and the bird photos, happy days.

Annie said...

Hello :D All your lovely photographs have just taken me right back to my Somerset childhood, when the Bath and West show was an annual summer treat. Happy days :)

gz said...

Welcome! I take it you found me via Kath at Hillside Cottage?

I think I'll have to go to the Bath and West next year, and visit Glastonbury very soon.
Lovely post

Iain said...

Just found the blog. Lovely pix and feel. Will keep travelling with you. Love the Owl pix, among my favourite birds. We lived in northern Sweden where the biggest - Eagles, Great Greys - were near daily sights. Also Snowy Owls in neighbouring county! The cat looks delightfully laid-back and the WHippet is lovely too. Know Chichester fairly well: we've many friends around Arundel, Rustington etc, from our Uni days at Sussex in the early 70s. Best.

Lorraine Young Pottery said...

What an amazing journey, your photos are inspiring. Seeing the gypsy caravan must have been wonderful and the precious animals.

I see you love animals, think you will enjoy my blog, do say hi when you get a chance!

Lorraine :-}