Friday, 7 January 2011

Seth Lakeman

Back in November Hubby and I went to see Seth Lakeman at Portsmouth. Wow what a guy..He is so talented... not only has he got a beautiful voice but he can really play a violin like Ive never seen before. (click on highlighted link to see his website and video)I was so excited about going I forgot my camera or it could be my age one of the two. So no photo's to show you, but we are going to see him again in March at Farnham and this time I WILL remember my camera.

He is rather gorgeous too!

Well have a good weekend everyone... Weather is supposed to be Sunday lots of walking to be done..
Bright Blessings
Jules xx


Yarrow said...

I've just recently discovered Seth Lakeman after hearing people talk about him for some time. He is yummy isn't he? ;)

Deedee said...

Yes, he is easy on the eyes, isn't he? I will have to check out his music. I absolutely love the violin. It is so poignant and melancholy, it really touches my heart and just adds so much to a musical piece.

Janine said...

That cat in the photo on the right of your blog looks almost like a rabbit! I love it. It must be the way the photo was taken. Love your photos!

Laura Haviland said...

I just love love love your blog !!!
Thanks for sharing,it is wonderful.
Have a magical day,your amazing.
You share such a peaceful feeling on your blog.
Given me lots to think about.