Thursday, 7 May 2009

Double Birthday Celebrations

What a wonderful weekend we had in Cornwall. Victoria and I celebrated our Birthdays, on the same day ( I know what you might be thinking, two Taureans in the same household, well actually we are best friends and we understand each other like know body else does - lol). Anyway we based ourselves in Looe in a superb Bed and Breakfast. Oh my, no cooking, cleaning and all the other jobs that make up my usual routine. Bliss, don't get me wrong I'm not complaining, its just nice to have a break from the norm.

Day 1
Our journey to Cornwall lead us to Paighton first, where we dropped off Victoria and her boyfriend for a day at the Zoo. Then hubby and I made our way to Brixham, where we stumbled across a Pirate Festival, what fun (sorry have no photos as my battery went on the camera). The weather was glorious. We walked along the harbour wall watching children crabbing, sail boats coming and going and generally people just enjoying the weather.. It makes me happy to watch folk having fun and enjoying themselves.
You can't go to Cornwall without having Fish and Chips straight from out of the wrapper, so thats what we did. Heavenly.

Day 2

18 TODAY (3rd May 1991) The best Birthday present I have ever had.

Our Birthday arrives. We had a hearty breakfast, then together we opened our cards and presents, such lucky girls.
Victoria and Rico spent the day at The Eden Project.

Hubby and I went to Charlestown a Georgian port which has remained relatively unspoilt and undeveloped, reflecting how many West Country ports and fishing coves looked prior to development. Quaint granite cottages nestle into the countryside, rural farms remain untouched by modern developments and lush green fields almost merge with the sea.

Two hundred years ago, West Polmear as it was then known, was a tiny fishing village with no harbour, only three cottages and the local people made a living from catching pilchards.

Our next port of call Mevagissey

In the evening Victoria/Rico spent a fun time crabbing, then we had a wonderful meal in one of the many restaurants which offered fantastic sea food.

Day 3

Another fantastic breakfast. We decided to use the morning shopping in Looe. Then we travelled back to Brixham again, just couldn't resist those Pirates.

Victoria's Pirate

Arrived home about 8pm, Onyx and Mowzie were pleased to see us. I don't think they felt abandoned, as my friend stayed to look after them. They just wanted to see what pressies we brought them back.

Well I do hope you also had a Happy Bank Holiday Weekend. It's taken me nearly a week to catch up with everything. I just dont know where the time goes.

Warm Wishes to everyone.



Kathleen Coy said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend. What a beautiful place! And happy birthday to you and your lovely daughter. I love the cake you made for her - you are so multi-talented! :-)

Joanna Dover said...

Sounds like a lovely break, and looks like the weather was kind to you?

Tammie said...

Happy Belated Birthday to you and your daughter.

I love seeing photos of the places you visit. The old castle... amazing. Nothing here in the US nearly that ancient!

Deedee said...

My daughter was born April 30th, and my day is May 7th. We are two Taureans and it has not always been easy! Happy Birthday!

Pussycats and Angels said...

Thank you Kathleen for your lovely comment. I am very touched by your commpliment about the cake.
Thanks also to you Joanna, it was a lovely break.
Tammie, it pleases me that you enjoy my photo's. Thank you for your lovely comment.
Deedee, thats amazing that you and your daughter too are both Taureans I do know what you mean about it's not always been easy lol. Happy Birthday to you both too. Thank you also for your sweet comment.
Have a lovely weekend everyone.
Warm Wishes