Friday, 27 February 2009

There's a Mouse in the house

I couldn't resist this picture.
We have a mouse in the house or should I say the kitchen and he is far to quick for me to be able to get a picture of him or her. So I think this one is a good substitute.
I'm a little frustrated about the whole mouse thing though. People kept telling me to get a mouse trap and get rid of it, but as far as I'm concerned he/she is doing no harm. Why is it we are so quick to eradicate these beautiful little creatures. It is not causing a problem, so I am keeping him/her. I have become quite fond of the little feller. I have told him to keep out of the way of the cat though.
What do you think? Am I being over protective. Surely we have to expect wildlife to share our space, when we live in the country. They share with us their space and I don't hear them complaining.I wish that we could all live in harmony with nature. What a better place it would be. X


Deedee said...

Hello! I agree so much - I love all creatures, even mice. I do worry a little bit about them chewing on the electric wires and possibly carrying diseases, but we have had a few around for almost thirty years with no harm done yet.
I stumbled onto your blog and was amazed by your photo - we look a lot a like! Even more amazing, I am a former hairdresser (worked in a salon 20 years ago) and I was also born under the sign of Taurus. Anyway, nice to meet you- I will stop back soon!

Veronica said...

Hi Julie, Thank you for visiting my blog - it's nice to meet you! Some years ago now, I used to sail my little yacht from Chichester Marina and I know your part of the world quite well... it's a really beautiful part of England. I've also been enjoying reading your blog and look forward to more of your posts. warm wishes, Vxx

Anonymous said...

Hello Julie, and thankyou for following my Journaling blog. I agree about your mice, unless they are doing damage, let them be. though I draw the line at rats. I have often visited the Chichester area as I write every year for Goodwood magazine. Do you know their farm shop?

Ciara said...

Hi Julie, Thanks for your sweet words on my blog. This is lovely here!

Erm.... about the mouse? I'm afraid we made that mistake when we first moved into our house, (too big a fan of Brambly Hedge!). The problem is they don't tend to stay single for very long!!!!!

It's a pity, because they are just SO CUTE! :-)

Art4Sol said...

Yes, those kitties do love their sun. My guy is starting to get up earlier these days to catch a few more rays. He can't wait till Spring either!

chinecats said...

I know this thread is a bit old, but I just found your lovely blog. I live in a tiny house surrounded by fields, and as far as I'm concerned there is no such thing as vermin! They were here first, so bring them on! Badgers digging the lawn, mice in the roof, moles, foxes, stray cats that come to adopt me, rooks on my bird table...whatever! Isn't that part of living in the country?